--- April 16, 2016 ---
Monster Spectacular at Olympic Stadium Montreal, Qc, Canada

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Special Thanks to Jean Nicholas Lanoue (Hors Route Magazine)
for some of the pictures on this page

All 4 trucks made their way to the Olympic Stadium, located in Montreal Canada. It was nice to be back there. Chris Arel always build a great track full of surprises and full of cars, buses and even a BOAT to crush! Show went great for most of the team, but unfortunately, Wrecking Crew blew a head gasket in racing, so he was out for the rest of the show. In freestyle, Brad, Cory and Jim all rocked the house ! Red Baron was called winner, but Brad and Brutus definitely dominated ! See you again in Fall Montreal ! Or how would say in French " la prochaine" YEEAAAHHH!

Check out Rage's freestyle from Montreal!

Cory Rummell and Rage's freestyle in Montreal, Quebec - April 16th, 2016 from Team Scream on Vimeo.

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