DRIVER: Brad Allen (previous driver Chris Bergeron)
BODY: 2004 3-D dog concept by Jason Becker
CHASSIS: Custom built by Race Source
ENGINE: Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block
HEIGHT: 12 feet wide, 10 feet tall
WEIGHT: 9,500 pounds
TIRES: 66 Inch GoodYear 6 Ply Terra Tire / 66 Inch BKT tires
SHOCKS: Nitrogen Charged Stage 2, Fronts 26" Rears, 26"
TRANSFER CASE:Profab Quick Change
WHEELS:Allen Pezo racing wheels
TRANSMISSION: Coan/Bewick Power Glide
AXLES: Custom fabrication Rockwell F-106s

Brutus' history:

2000: With Jim's help, Chris completed Brutus and started competing along side Jim all over the country. Brutus was an orange S-10 with a Greek warrior on the hood.
2004: Chris was ready for a change. Fans would always tell him "I have a dog named Brutus" so he had an artist(Jason Becker) do some sketches and mold a cab of his S-10 pick up into a 3-D dog head. The fans response was incredible.
2005: Brutus would qualify for World Finals. He also participated in 2006 and 2007 and 2009. Chris and Brutus did an amazing job in 2009 and Brutus ended up 3rd in Freestyle (out of 24 trucks).
2010: Chris drove his chassis with the Wrecking Crew body on at the World Finals during the encore, and did an amazing donut!
2011: Brutus was once again invited to the World Finals. Chris had an awesome freestyle run, but the trucks crashed hard while attempting a backflip...

Brutus is seen weekly on Speed Channel's Monster Jam and has been featured on the behind the scene show Inside Monster Jam also on Speed. Espn also has coverage of the 4 Wheel Jamborees. Spike TV's 4x4 Xtreme, and National Geographics

Brutus' new paint Job (Launched in Las Vegas - 2011)


After a pretty wild crash in Virginia, 2007

The old Brutus (S-10)